August 30, 2014

H.B. Carbide  

HB Carbide

H.B. Carbide Company, a unit of the Star Cutter Co., is recognized as the leading top source of tungsten carbide preforms for manufacturing cutting tools.  By consistently producing preforms with minimal grind stock, H.B. Carbide increases customer productivity while reducing cost.

H. B. Carbide offers many different grades of tungsten carbide, manufactured under process certification ISO 9001:2000. 

By using the preforming expertise at H.B.Carbide, major portions of carbide can be removed from the tool blank while the carbide is in the 'green' state. Drilling of coolant holes, prefluting, and grinding different diameters can be accomplished in seconds at HBC as compared to the slow process of grinding in the 'hard' state. Therefore, we can leave minimal grindstock for you to finish grind. This reduction in grinding time saves you grinding wheel life and increases machine capacity allowing you higher productivity.


These blanks can include, but are not limited to:

  • Straight Flutes
  • Spiral Flutes
  • Coolant holes (in any location)
  • Stepped Diameters
  • Centers (male or female)
  • Flats
  • Chamfers
  • Keyways
  • PCD Pockets
  • Preformed sharpening angles

H.B. Cemented Carbide Properties (Grade Chart)

H. B. offers carbide rods in many different styles.

1. Solid Round Rod (RR) Available in 40 different standard RR sizes, unground with minimal grind stock. These are available in all of our grades, but are generally stocked in grades HB-2, HB-3, and HB-110. The stock we maintain is in the 'green' state, allowing us to provide you with custom cut to length sizes, eliminating your waste of unusable pieces.

2. Tubing (Solid Round Rod with one hole) All of the standard RR sizes can be provided as tubing, or we can customize diameters to fit your specific needs. The center hole can be positioned in the center or moved to a specific point off center. Tubing is not generally stocked but made to your request.

3.  Ground Round Rod (GRR) Our standard finish is considered polished (6- 8 micro), with OD tolerances maintained at -0.0001"/-0.0004". They are available as special orders in any of our other grades.

4. 2 Straight Coolant Hole Rod (RS) H.B. produces all of the standard RS sizes of 2 straight hole rod. Many of these standard sizes are always stocked on our shelves. We maintain a small quantity of "hard" 12.2" long sticks for immediate shipment. Most of our stock is maintained in the 'green' state, which allows us to cut it to your exact length required. Using this option, you can eliminate the scrap associated with unusable cut off ends.

5. Helical Hole Rod HB maintains a supply of popular sizes of 2 helical hole 30 degree rods made by Arno Friedrichs - Germany. We are also able to supply 3-hole helical and 40 degree rods, but with longer lead times. Helical rods can also be ordered as "Specials" with custom lengths and geometries.

Dies and Bushings can be made with minimal grind stock leaving you less carbide to remove; saving grinding wheel life and grinding time, thus increasing your productivity.

Examples of these products are:

  • Wear parts
  • Seal rings
  • Wire drawing dies
  • Cold headings dies
  • Bushings

These Blanks can include, but are not limited to:

  • Multiple OD's
  • Multiple ID's
  • Chamfers (angles) between diameters
  • Tapered ID
  • Tapered OD

Special extrusions can be beneficial to you when you have a part requiring a common cross section smaller than .750" OD. Shapes such as round, square, or rectangular with or without thru holes can be processed easily. In fact, we will build our own special tooling to produce the finished product you are looking for. And, after extrusion we are capable of adding additional preforming operations, such as centers, chamfers, or any other geometry required.

HB is one of the few companies in the country that manufactures these special products. These special extruded shapes can be stocked in your required geometries. HB will meet your special needs for extruded shapes.

Most flat blanks are not stocked. They are made to your specific needs and, therefore, will be supplied with minimal grindstock which will increase your productivity.

All H.B. Carbide EDM blanks are guaranteed against cracking.

Preforms for Flat Blanks can include the following features:

  • Chamfers
  • Thru holes for wire starting
  • Holes for arbors in saw blanks and washers
  • Angles
  • Sharpening angles on OD of saw blanks

Request a Quote


Whether you need a quote for a special preform or would like to order carbide rods, H.B. Carbide has a team of carbide experts ready to assist you.  Simply contact our quoting department and they will be happy to develop a quote for your particular application - usually within 24 hours.


Call us tollfree in the USA at 800-459-8521 or direct at 989-786- 4223

Or fax us tollfree at 800-459-8547 or direct at 989-786-4494

Or email us at


To view H.B. Carbide's current stock gundrill blanks in grades HB-2, HB-3, and HB-110 click here .



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