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Carbide Drills and Reamers

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Carbide Drills and Reamers

Since 1970, Star Cutter has designed and manufactured special carbide drills and reamers for use with CNC production systems as well as standard and flexible machining systems.

Multi Diameter Cavity Machining Tools

Multi Diameter Cavity Machining Tools

Star SU has perfected a line of cavity/porting tools that will allow cuts from either a solid or cast core casting condition. In many cases, these multi-step tools will allow cavity machining in one pass or shot.

Star Cutter MQL Drills

Solid Carbide Drills

Star SU’s specially designed, solid carbide drills are available as straight or helical drills, single or multiple diameters drills, single or multiple-flute design, diameter range starting from 0.1875″ (4.76 mm).

Star Cutter Helical flute core drill

Solid Carbide Core Drills

Star SU manufactures a special design and builds core drills that are ideal for machining aluminum, ductile, nodular, and compacted graphite irons (CGI).



Star SU reamers are made in both multiple flute and multi-diameter types. Based on the overall length of the tool required to machine your feature, we can manufacture a solid carbide reamer or braze a solid carbide reamer head to a tubular steel body.

Star Cutter SRT-Reamer

Super Round Tool (SRT)

Super Round Tool (SRT) Lead InThe SRT is an original Star Cutter Company design and build product that offers a unique, patented design that combines two tools into one — multiple straight flutes for consistent location and multiple helical flutes to ensure roundness and finish.

Star Cutter Valve Guide Reamers

Valve Guide Reamers

Star SU valve guide reamers utilize pressurized coolant to force chips ahead of the tool to produce ultra-smooth, ultraprecise holes. They produce holes to tolerance of 0.0005″ (0.013 mm) and less in steel, cast iron, compacted graphite iron, nodular iron, aluminum, bronze and exotic materials.