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Star Tool Grinders - Parts Kit
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Star Support Continues After The Sale

Whether you need repair parts, consumable parts, or larger purchases like coolant or OEM filtration systems, we are here to make sure the parts you buy integrate seamlessly into your Star and minimize the disruption to your production environment.

Our prepackaged, do it yourself kits are ideal for expanding capability and maintaining equipment. Complete with instructions, these kits come ready to be put to use by any maintenance or tool room operator.

Quick Things For Sale

  • Star Cutter Loc Line Kit

    Loc Line Kit

    Toolbox comes complete with the array of fittings and nozzles for all of your precision grinding setups. Easily move from one setup to the next with the handy connecting / disconnecting tool. All parts are labeled for easy re-ordering.

  • Star Cutter Wheel Adapters

    Wheel Arbor w/ Spacers

    Star provides a variety of wheel adapters for mounting grinding wheels

    • HSK50 arbor with 1.250" diameter by 6.500" long gives ample space for gang mounting of wheels.
    • HSK50 arbor with 20mm diameter by 4.000"
    • HSK63 arbor with 1.250" diameter by 5.500" for legacy ETGs and PTGs.
    • HSK63 arbor with 1.250" diameter by 2.000" for single wheel mounting.
    • Arbors can be manufactured with peripheral balance holes upon request.
  • Star Cutter Probes

    Crash Pins, Probes, and Reference Cubes

    • Replacement Crash Pins: for wheel and part probes damaged during operation. Design intent is for the pins to shear and not cause permanent damage to the probe or the probe stylus. (5) pins per pack.
    • Wheel Probe Stylus: round diameter probe for identifying wheel diameter and location.
    • Knife Part Probe: a single edge probe for identifying part diameters, setup location, and other tool features.
    • Fish Tail Probe: a double-edge probe for identifying complex tool features.
    • Reference Cube: a replacement artifact for referencing the part probe, relative to machine centerlines. (The machine may need an alignment if replaced)

  • Star Cutter Parts Kit

    Annual Preventative Maintenance Kit

    • Heidenhain Filters
    • Probes
    • Reference Cubes
    • Blue Grease (Auto)
    • Red Grease (B-Axis Swivel)
    • Gator Wrap for B-Axis Loop
    • Bellows O-Ring Cord
    • Permatex Form A Gasket
    • Robot Batteries
    • Metaflux Spray
    • Touch Up Paint

  • Industrial PC

    PC Upgrade

    Facing a challenge with an outdated PC in your Star machine? Whether it is an operating system no longer supported by Microsoft or a hardware issue, Star is ready to help by providing a new turnkey, industrial PC preloaded with the proper firmware and software to integrate into the machine quickly and efficiently.

    Looking to upgrade on your own, contact our service department for a quote on remote support from our controls engineering department. Typical upgrades take 2-8 hours of support, depending on age and configuration.