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Star Application Engineers are responsible for designing, developing, and implementing programs and processes. We focus our efforts to do customer analysis and create applications that respond to customer needs and provide innovative solutions to common, and sometimes uncommon problems. Whether you are a first time customer to Star or a long term user of NUMROTO, our application Engineers are here to help.

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Star Tool Grinder Applications

Star’s team has a strong knowledge of industry trends, the engineering process and design parameters behind cutting tools, and how it all relates to tool grinding for manufacturing and resharpening.

Typical Questions From Star

  • What problem exists today for which a solution is required?
  • Is this the tool and or process needed for this application or is there a better way?
  • What type of tooling is your niche industry?
  • What are you best at and why?
  • Have you explored automation solutions and how they can help increase quality and productivity?

Star Engineering Expertise

Star’s application team will work with the customer to clearly identify the scope of work and drive the team to arrive and a final solution. Our manufacturing, sales, and customer service departments work together to ensure the customer experience is professional, fast, and complete.

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